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A Major Milestone

This week, Last Fables hit a very exciting mark. The draft of the book is now 50% complete, as reflected in the updated project tracker that Play made. This represents quite a lot of work; the current draft stands at a bit over two hundred thousand words across more than five hundred pages. I'm not the only one who has been busy, though, as Weaver and Play have worked hard to refine and finalize the art design of the characters and the setting.

With this landmark reached, a number of exciting things are going to start; first and foremost work has officially begun for the book's illustrations. Weaver and Play have started now to ensure that the art that accompanies the book is truly spectacular, and it really will be worth all the time and effort they'll be putting in. As the author, my personal goal was to hit the 50% mark before the end of 2020, so this puts us nicely on target to deliver the completed, edited, and illustrated book in 2021 as promised. Considering the necessary volume of illustrations, and the amount of effort each one will demand, I'm afraid that blog posts may slow down a bit in the new year.

However, we're all doing our best to continue work behind the scenes, and we can't wait to have the final product ready!

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