Updated: Nov 2, 2020

One of the natural questions to have about a fantasy story involving anthropomorphic animals is, I think, what different species there are and how different they are. The answer to the first part of that question for Last Fables is pretty simple: there is an enormous variety of intelligent mammals, avians, and reptiles. As for the second part, it’s been one of the aspects of writing that’s been the most fun about developing the setting, since we get to play around with how these different animals that vary so widely in everything from size to where they can live and interact with each other.

While it’s generally true, in our setting, that a wolf will be much larger than a hare, our protagonist Eni actually isn’t short by any means. She’s five foot nine (1.75 meters), but that doesn’t mean that the average wolf is a twenty foot tall giant. Eni is unusually tall, and the reason for that is that she’s an Aberrant. And while I could just explain it myself, it seemed more fun to throw you into the world of Last Fables itself, which Weaver has rendered as a wonderful illustrated excerpt from a book!

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