Animatic One: The Chronicler

The first teaser trailer we released was a great way for those of us working on Last Fables to hone our skills and hopefully help entice you with the setting of the story, but we never meant for it to be the only video. Today, I'm very happy to be showing off our first animatic short in what will be an ongoing series of videos as we get closer and closer to the release of the book. This animatic gives a peek at some of the history of the setting, as told by one of its premier historians. You can check it out below!

One of the most amazing things about working on Last Fables has been the involvement of some supremely talented people to make our vision a reality. This particular video included art and animation by Weaver and Play, music by our composer Paul Weichselbaum, and voice acting by Rupert Stutchbury. Without them, none of this would have happened! We've got more planned, including the next animatic, and I hope you'll enjoy these glimpses into our world.

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