Last Fables Volume Two Released!

Updated: Mar 16

We're very proud to announce that the manuscript edition of Last Fables Volume Two is now available digitally on our store!

This book concludes the story that began in Volume One, complete with a new map and incredible illustrations by Weaver and Play for each chapter. It's been a long journey getting the complete story of Last Fables ready, and we're pleased to invite you along for it! This manuscript edition is currently available only to subscribers to our mailing list; if you've signed up you'll have received an email with the password to the store. If you are a Discord member, you will also receive a discount coupon!

Our next steps will be preparing Last Fables for a broader release; there's more content coming soon and we can't wait to share it! To coincide with the release of Volume Two, we've put together a video teaser for the book; you can check it out below:

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