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Staging and Sigil

Updated: Nov 21, 2020

The Sovereign Sigil of the Circle

This update is one that all of us working on Last Fables have been looking forward to, because it's finally time to show off a map! Aerodan is an entire world, and the piece of it on display here is only a fraction of it. To put it in perspective, the distance this map covers (750 miles or approximately 1207 km) is slightly less than the distance between Chicago and New York City, or slightly more than the distance between Paris and Berlin. Although this is therefore a small chunk of Aerodan, it covers the entirety of the nation-state that this story begins in: the Circle.

Formally known as Elegrinda, the Circle consists of seven sovereign cities that each control an administrative zone within the natural fortifications of the Aureole Mountains. These nearly impassible natural walls have been built on and enhanced over the course of centuries of work, and mean that the only way in or out of the Circle is through Ctesiphon and the massive series of gates that render the Circle a virtual fortress. No attempt at invasion of the Circle has ever succeeded, and their sigil, designed by XPlaysX, shows the position of each of the Seven Sovereigns inside their impregnable borders.

This map reveals more than just the Circle, though; it also shows their closest neighbors. I personally find that a lot of the fun for maps of fantasy worlds comes from the little details that tantalize, and Weaver has worked incredibly hard to fill this map with those details. There is, I hope, a sense of weight to our created world that this map conveys and helps fix Aerodan in your mind as a place that can be visited through the story. But as for the story itself, I don't want to spoil anything so I'm afraid I won't provide any more details at this time. However, we're continuing to work on Last Fables and can't wait to have the next piece to show off!

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