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The Heart of the Universe

By any modern understanding of astronomy, stars do not orbit planets. The idea that Earth is the center of the solar system, around which everything revolves, is an outdated theory that is simply impossible with our understanding of gravity. Physics alone means that the world of Aerodan ought to follow the same rules.

But it doesn't.

The Aerodan System

Aerodan is in a geocentric solar system. Eleven planets, a moon, and a sun all orbit this world, locked into orbit by a force that cannot be explained by gravity alone. To visualize this rather unusual arrangement, XPlaysX designed a beautiful orrery, which is a mechanical model that can be moved to show the alignment of planets in their orbits. Considering that not all of the planets in Aerodan's system lie within the same plane, he had his work cut out for him, but he was able to make everything fit. To give a little more flavor, and accompany Play's wonderful model and some additional astronomical illustrations by Weaver, we've put together an excerpt from an in-universe text:

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gustavo icaro
gustavo icaro
Sep 04, 2020

With each post the story expands, I can't wait to see an entire chapter of this incredible story. Oh and send more stories from the slayer I want a lot more from the first and thanks for the hard work


A moon close to the world. Eclipses. Aberrants. A mystical slayer who disappears 'one day'. Hummmmm.... Am I the only one creating links in his head? ^^

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