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Updated: Jun 22, 2020

In the first blog post, I spoke a bit about the creative process behind how Weaver and I built the history of Aerodan. But as fun as it was to create the past of the setting, it was the present where we spent most of our effort. And, specifically, on creating the story’s protagonist.

I’m very happy to be able to introduce you to Eni Siverets, the viewpoint character for our story, and to say a few words about her. Eni’s design was sort of a collaborative process between Weaver, Play, and me, and in terms of her appearance it was a long and iterative process to get her look just right and to make it fit in with the setting.

Antiquarian by XPlaysX

She appeared on both the teaser posters and in the teaser trailer, but it’s exciting to be able to show her off a bit more, particularly when there are two wonderful pieces of art by both Weaver and Play to capture her essence as an antiquarian.

I suppose that merits a bit more explanation; “antiquarian” isn’t exactly the sort of profession most people run into day-to-day, or even at all. In the simplest possible terms, Eni finds artifacts and rare books from the past and verifies the discoveries of others. In a world without carbon dating or X-ray crystallography or isotope testing, determining what is real and what is fake comes down to the individual skill of the person doing the examination.

And Eni is, more than anything else, a hare determined to find the truth.

Working for the world’s largest and most prestigious university gives her the funds to travel the world and attempt to answer the single greatest unsolved mystery in all of Aerodan’s long history. It’s an all-consuming quest for her, one that takes her everywhere from damp catacombs to sleepy villages to the grandest cities ever built.

The Seeker by TheWyvernsWeaver

That sort of single-minded devotion has led her, ironically enough, to learn all sorts of different skills. Eni’s journal, in which she details her quest in exhaustive detail, is written in her own faultless calligraphy using her preferred dip pen, which is made of glass. But while she’s at home in libraries and book shops, searching for elusive tomes and piecing together rumors and legends, Eni is no stranger to getting dirty. She’s gone places that haven’t seen a living soul in decades or even centuries, and while she’s not an expert warrior by any means she’s a capable trident and net fighter.

Years of fruitless searching have only strengthened her resolve to keep looking, and the line between optimism and obsession might be slim. I would say more, but for now I think I ought to shut up and let you enjoy the fantastic work of the artists!

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